The medical temperature control system, TECOTHERM TSmed 200, provides cold and heat treatment to the human body in a targeted, precisely controlled and therefore extremely comfortable form. Dependent on the therapeutic goal the system is applied either locally with cuffs specially adapted to the region of the body being treated, or else it is applied over a large area by means of temperature-controlled mattresses of different sizes on which the patient lies or with which the patient is covered.


The TECOTHERM TSmed 200 comprises a device unit which is connected via the tubing set to the most appropriate applicator (cuff or temperature-controlled mattress) for the treatment being carried out. A thermalising fluid is cooled or warmed in the device. This fluid flows in the circuit through the device and applicator, providing the patient continuously with the coolness or warmth appropriate to their therapy. The temperature values prescribed for the therapy can be set on the device and controlled on the display (target and actual value).


The temperature control system comprises the following components in addition to the standard device, TECOTHERM TSmed 200:

  • Tubing set
  • Refill set
  • TECOmed - thermalising fluid
  • HEGOTHERM range of cuffs
  • Cooling and heating mattresses
  • Power cable
  • Vehicle connection cable (optional)

Extract of technical data

Note: The technical data provided here is for comparison purposes only. We give no assurance or warranty regarding the completeness and correctness of the information provided. Please refer to the technical data in the instructions for use included with the scope of supply or ask your distributor to supply the current version of those instructions or a safety data sheet.

Dimensions 420 x 190 x 350 mm (B x H x T)
Weight without accessories ca. 10 kg
Setting range of the treatment temperature + 5 °C (+3°C) bis  + 42 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.3 Grad
Thermalising fluid TECOmed-Thermalising fluid, ~0.5 l
Maximum pressure in the system 0.5 bar
Patient safety  
Overtemperature protection + 45 °C
Undertemperature protection +   3 °C
Ambient conditions  
Operating ambient temperature + 5 °C bis + 27 °C


Important user information:

Production of the TSmed 200, which had been in use for many years, was discontinued in 2010. Since then it has not been possible to order the device or to use it for medical purposes.

If you possess a TSmed 200 which is used for non-clinical applications and you require technical support, or if you want to re-order accessories or send your TSmed 200 in to us for repair, please contact our service team first. We’ll be pleased to advise you about the repair options available and the availability of spare parts.


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